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 Dongguan Fenglin toiletries Ltd. was founded in May 2008, is a collection development, production and sales as one of the manufacturers. The company specializes in the development of high-grade cosmetic brush set, single painting, lip brush and other products, as well as NBR, SBR, NR puff; hand-sewn cotton puff, plush puff, flocking puff, s repression puff, clean face flutter series; daily necessities of life and a variety of grades Eye Shadow Applicator, as well as nail files, foot stone grinding, mirror comb and provide customers with the needs of OEM / ODM services.

  We will continue to innovative products for the principle of "positive depth, warm and sincere service, reasonable price, premium quality; concept of" quality first, good faith ";" service, a permanent concern for target; committed to providing a more comfortable, personalized beauty utensils, leading towards a more fashionable, beautiful life.


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